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Mike Gomez, Your New Instructor

Mike is the producer and director of the Grand Opening of the World's Tallest Twin Building, and he is ready to equip you with his knowledge and experience.

Mike's four decades of experience are now in your hands. You will learn the art and science of event management from Mike and his case studies of events that mesmerized and enthralled audiences in the hundreds of thousands.

In this course, you will learn the fundamental skills, knowledge, and art behind what makes an event good and compelling, and how you can too make your events blow people's minds.

Mike will analyse success stories and touch on the essential elements that go into these exciting productions.

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Grand Official Opening of PETRONAS Twin Towers Produced by Mike Gomez. Learn how to come up with ideas like this in Mike's free online class
Event Management Training by Mike Gomez The man behind the Grand Opening of the Petronas Twin Towers
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What You'll Learn from Mike

Mike will teach you how to weave a compelling narrative that touches the minds of many, with imagination, creativity, and storytelling. Then he will teach you the steps to bring it to pass.

Chapter 1: Imagining


...the idea

You will learn to imagine and think in- AND out-of-the-box, to make normal events grand and grand events a normal feat for you.

You will pick up Mike’s process of conjuring up original, never-done-before ideas in your creative mind, pushing boundaries and achieving the impossible, satisfying the client’s objectives

Imagining the Grand Opening of the next tallest building of the world would be well within your reach.

Topics Mike will cover include the tender process, client briefing and objectives, conceptualization, creative development and presentations.

Chapter 2: Inventing (Click to expand!)


...the blueprint

After you imagine the most spectacular event yet, you would need to invent blueprints, plans, and SOPs to bring forth your imagination into reality.

How shall you effectively utilize the most advanced tools and technologies available? How to efficiently deal with logistics and budget? How to tackle the security risks and deliverables involved?

Mike will touch on the real-life case studies and stories thereof in this chapter, showing you how to put together the correct tools, technologies, interior designing, and entertainment components that are most suited to the event, among others.

Topics covered include technologies, engineering systems and designs, logistics, budget, safety & security, risk & issue management, time management, liaison with authorities, entertainment, and interior designing.

Chapter 3: Mastering


...the team

At this point, the event professional would need to assemble a team of experts with excellent expertise and expansive knowledge.

Mike will teach you to master, select, and manage them well in order to allow their skillsets to be used to the fullest potential.

Indeed, this mastery is akin to surgical precision: The assembled team needs to be highly synchronized, coordinated, and accurate.

You will learn this from the event master himself—Mike.

Chapter 4: Harnessing


...the energy

Mike will teach you how to energize everyone involved in the event.

Here is where you'll learn the intricacies bringing the team, client, and audience together so they are all on the same page.

With the three parties’ energies harnessed into one united goal, the event is meaningful and its purpose will be clear.

Topics covered include public relations, communications, conflict resolution, team building, and relationships.

Chapter 5: Chilling


...the pressure

Managing a huge event can be quite a lot to handle, which is why Mike leads his staff to chill, especially before the execution of a huge event.

An uncluttered, clear, and calm mind is essential in the process of managing a large-scale event like the launch of the Petronas Twin Towers.

You will learn stress management, team leadership, how to maintain a sharp mind, and the importance of ‘chilling’.

Chapter 6: Conducting


...the event

This is it! The moment.

Conducting the event is akin to a maestro conducting an orchestra—every member is in synchronization, rhythm and harmony, showcasing a final jaw-dropping work for everyone's wonder and appreciation.

You would need to be able to, as the orchestra (event) is playing, hear every instrument and then correct the dynamics thereof if necessary.

Not to mention, the many rehearsals before the actual event are needed. Everyone needs to know their role and part. This and more you will learn from Mike in this chapter.

Topics covered: Production, direction, and execution.

Chapter 7: Impacting


...the world

Eventually (hundreds of) thousands will watch the event orchestrated by you and your team, at the venue itself or on television, live or recorded.

Mike will teach you how to make a great impact and leave a lasting impression, ingrained in your spectators’ and your team members’ memories. After the event, the event lives on as legacy. It should be engineered, captured, and televised professionally to achieve the client’s objectives.

Post-mortem meetings, evaluation, and documentation of the event should be done. Lastly, a celebration with your team members is vital!

Topics covered include advertising, marketing, capture, post-mortem, tear-down, clearance, evaluation, consolidation, documentation, sign-off, celebration.

Malaysia's National Day Celebrations - Putrajaya Produced by Mike Gomez. Learn how to come up with ideas like this in Mike's free online class
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Side Effects of Learning with Mike

Skyrocketed Creativity and Imagination

One of Mike's favourite quotes comes from Albert Einstein: "Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution." Mike will impart to you that concept and what it means in event management.

Sharpened Execution Skills

Mike's hundreds of high-profile events involved painstaking planning and execution processes, productively managed in a relatively short time frame of less than a few months. Mike will gladly share these case studies with you to scale up your execution and productivity!

Invigorated Team Spirit

Mike's large-scale projects normally take hundreds of crew members to produce, and he will share on how to manage the conflicts, stress, and pressure that comes along with leading your team.

Performance Boost

As your creativity, imagination, innovation, execution, and team spirit is boosted, your performance will be boosted as well and you should find your work becoming clearer and easier.

Revenue Growth

With sharpened clarity from Mike's training and experience, you will save cost on what is unnecessary for the event and spend on the things that truly matter. You will also be able to convince your clients to increase their budget, sometimes almost doubling it, for your great idea.

Time Saved

Mike has spent four decades in the field of event management, gaining invaluable experience and knowledge. Now he's teaching you and training you in that knowledge so that you can gain some of his years of knowledge and save yourself from mediocrity and fatal mistakes.

1st Anniversary Celebrations of the KL Tower Produced by Mike Gomez. Learn how to come up with ideas like this in Mike's free online class
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Testimonials from Mike's Clients

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Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir: “I am happy to recommend Carlson White (M) Sdn Bhd as very efficient and innovative event managers. The Petronas Twin Towers opening was managed by them and they did a magnificent job.”

Mike Gomez / Carlson White was bestowed the Gala Award in 2002 for the “Best Produced Event Under The Budget USD250,000 to USD500,000” and two ESPRIT Awards for “Most Creative Concept” and “Best Social Event Planning (Budget Over $100,001 USD)” by the International Special Event Society, USA. Learn how to imagine award-winning events in Mike's free online class
Official Launch of TGV Cinema, Sunway Pyramid, with Mel Gibson Produced by Mike Gomez. Learn how to come up with ideas like this in Mike's free online class

Mike's Clients

To name a few of mike's clients that trusted him with their events:

Petronas KL Tower Singapore Flyer KLCC Property Holdings Tourism Malaysia Telekom Malaysia Alamanda Putrajaya Holdings Mandarin Oriental More clients
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“Great breakthroughs happen because people said it was impossible.” ~ Mike Gomez

About Mike Gomez

Michael "Mike" Gomez joined the events business scene in 1981 and founded Carlson White (M) Sdn. Bhd. in 1994, which quickly became one of the most sought-after event specialists in Malaysia, being selected to orchestrate the Grand Opening of the Petronas Twin Towers in 1999.

Former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir himself said, “I am happy to recommend Carlson White (M) Sdn Bhd as very efficient and innovative event managers. The Petronas Twin Towers opening was managed by them and they did a magnificent job.”

Before becoming a specialist in high-profile events, he was a disc jockey and a club designer, which gained him valuable experience to become a general event manager, and after that, he became a signature event manager.

More on Mike Gomez.

Michael "Mike" Gomez CEO of Carlson White (M) Sdn. Bhd., Special Event Specialists

Mike Gomez Courses

Free Online Class: How to Imagine Ideas that Win Over Clients, Sponsors, and the Audience

  • A 40-minute online class:
  • How understanding who your client is could make or break your event
  • Why the client's "vision statement" is insufficient, and how to get around it
  • How to come up with a compelling narrative - something most event managers sadly overlook
  • How to not let the client's budget limit your imagination - another sad mistake. Let your imagination be limitless! You'll learn how...
  • How Mike got a client to double their budget with his great idea
  • And many, many more lessons!
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The Mike Gomez Show: 2-Day Event Management Training

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