Mike Gomez

“Great breakthroughs happen because people said it was impossible.”

Michael “Mike” Gomez is an award-winning, multi-talented producer and director of hundreds of high-profile signature events that showcased painstaking planning processes, superior production quality, and an inimitable brand of creativity. Based in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, his work includes:

  • Grand Official Opening of the PETRONAS Twin Towers
  • Malaysia’s National Day Celebrations – Putrajaya
  • Official Opening Of Telekom Tower Malaysia
  • 1st Anniversary Celebrations of the KL Tower

He is loaded with the requisite experience & skills to train & lead senior management and their events management team on all facets of events organisation.

He coaches, lectures, and leads in case studies where he pours out his experience in the organisation & management of multimillion-dollar events, covering the creatives, production, and implementation thereof.

Mike truly provides real-life experience to event managers of every kind. They get invaluable exposure to the finer points of managing events, being trained by a super professional!


Mike Gomez in 2003

Mike Gomez joined the events business scene in 1981 and founded Carlson White (M) Sdn. Bhd. in 1994.

Carlson White quickly became one of the most sought-after signature event specialists in Malaysia, being selected to orchestrate the Grand Opening of the Petronas Twin Towers in 1999.

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir who was the adviser of Petronas said, “I am happy to recommend Carlson White (M) Sdn Bhd as very efficient and innovative event managers. The Petronas Twin Towers opening was managed by them and they did a magnificent job.”

Before becoming a specialist in high-profile signature events, his stepping stones were: Working in the entertainment industry (being a DJ and club designer), then practicing PR, before specialising in events, becoming a producer and director of large-scale projects.


Michael Gomez (2nd from left) and his staff with the “Best Produced Event” Gala Award.

Mike Gomez / Carlson White was bestowed the Gala Award in 2002 for the “Best Produced Event Under The Budget USD250,000 to USD500,000” in Orlando, Florida in the United States.

Carlson White beat two other nominees from the US and Australia to win the award for the conceptualisation and management of Ambang Merdeka Putrajaya 2002.

In an article in The Star dated March 18, 2003, Mike said the company was the only Malaysian special event company to clinch the award, announced in January, and this reflected the progress the industry had made over the years.

In 2003, he also won two ESPRIT Awards for “Most Creative Concept” and “Best Social Event Planning (Budget Over $100,001 USD)” by ISES (International Special Event Society), now known as ILEA (International Live Events Association) in USA.

Carlson White

Carlson White Special Event Managers are the experts who created and produced the launch of the Petronas Twin Towers and countless other iconic events nationally, regionally and globally and winner of several international awards for superb event production.

The launch ceremony in 1999 that put the  Petronas Twin Towers in  world spotlight set a new benchmark  for projects of all kinds and for the spectacular New Year Countdowns  that one sees these days including at Burj Khalifa.

Carlson White strives to embody Science and Sense:

The Science of …

  • Creativity
  • Storytelling
  • Management
  • Technologies
  • Planning
  • Entertainment
  • Leaving an Impression

The Senses triggered …

  • Sight
  • Sound
  • Smell
  • Taste
  • Touch
  • Connection
  • Experience
  • Imagination

The illustration below depicts a wayang kulit a centuries-old form of “shadow play” using shadows cast by intricately carved puppets in relaying mythical parables of good versus evil based on Malay folklore.

Behind the screen back-lit by a flickering oil lamp, the puppet master weaves his tale, bringing to life the shadow play through an array of skills: maneuvering the puppets with both hands, singing and tapping a rattle with his foot, and varying the tone of his voice accordingly to suit the various characters.

Indeed, like wayang kulit, the science of event management also entails a cocktail of expertise, knowledge and skills. All working in synergy towards achieving the ultimate goal of evoking a sense of awe, of wonderment, in the audience.

After all, defying human imagination is our forte and leaving long-lasting impressions is our specialty.

Need more information? Check out Mike’s portfolio and his Signature Events Management Training Course details.