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Course Objectives

Gain confidence to increase your fees for annual dinners, weddings, and spectacular events
Be able to expand, diversify, & scale up your event specialisations to Mike's level
Learn how to create and propose a strong, memorable event to clients & sponsors
Become confident and capable of positioning and marketing yourself to secure multi-million-dollar projects.
Learn how to find potential profitable event projects in 24 hours.
Bonus: The Mike Gomez Event Management Checklist that he uses to produce & manage his signature events.
Insights from an Event SpecialistBook Now

The Mike Gomez Show: Event Management Training

Meet your new instructor, Mike Gomez.

He is the producer and director of the Grand Opening of the World's Tallest Twin Building, and he is ready to equip you with his knowledge and experience.

Mike's four decades of experience are now in your hands. You will learn the art and science of event management from Mike and his case studies of events that mesmerized and enthralled audiences in the hundreds of thousands.

In this course, you will learn the fundamental skills, knowledge, and art behind what makes an event good and compelling.

Mike will analyse success stories and touch on the essential elements that go into these exciting productions.

Insights from an Event SpecialistBook Now

The 7 Chapters

...the idea
...the blueprint
...the team
...the energy
...the pressure
...the event
...the world
Insights from an Event SpecialistBook Now