Register: How to Imagine Ideas that Win Over Clients, Sponsors, and the Audience

In this class, you will learn:

  • How and why IMAGINATION is the MOST POWERFUL tool to win your client and have an edge over the competition.
  • How understanding who your client is could make or break your event
  • Why the client’s “vision statement” is insufficient, and how to get around it
  • How to come up with a compelling narrative – something most event managers sadly overlook
  • How to not let the client’s budget limit your imagination – another sad mistake. Let your imagination be limitless! You’ll learn how…
  • How Mike got a client to double their budget with his great idea
  • And many, many more lessons!

After you register, you will be emailed the link and be able to watch the class immediately! Please set aside 40 minutes of your time for this class.