Pre-Training Checklist

Please ensure your team digests this simple PDF checklist so that Mike Gomez can be up front, loud, and clear!


Audio Checklist

Please make sure your head audio technician has got these things down:

  1. An stage PA and playback system and the respective crew
  2. A fully-charged wireless microphone.
  3. A male 3.5mm audio jack to plug into Mike’s Bluetooth device that will stream audio from his iPad.
  4. At least one spare microphone (wired or wireless) in case any of the above doesn’t work.


Please make sure your head video technicians has got these things down:

Video Checklist

  1. A projector of at least 1,000 lumens so audience can see the screen clearly with sufficient room lighting.
  2. A projector screen big enough for the audience. (Make the aspect ratio 16:9 if possible.)
  3. An HDMI male cable NEAR the stage to plug into Mike’s Apple TV, which will stream his iPad screen live for everyone.

Stage and Seating

Please make sure the head of the room/hall has got these things down:

Stage and Seating Checklist

  1. Seating: The arrangement of the seating and stage is very important as the audience needs to see Mike Gomez up front and center! Our first choice is theatre seating; our second choice is classroom.
  2. Stage: If possible, Mike needs to be on a raised stage/platform so that he is visible to all.

Stage Lights

Stage lighting is one of the most important things.

It is truly essential for Mike’s training to be a success, because Mike needs to be illuminated clearly throughout the whole training.

Please make sure your lighting/hall technician has got this covered: Mike Gomez needs to be lighted-up well on stage.

A/V Check

Mike’s team would like to run a 1-hour A/V check a day before his training. Please arrange for that to happen. 

Food and Beverage (F&B) Breaks*

*Applicable for Mike’s full-day course only.

Mike’s training session will have a 1-hour lunch break and a 1-hour tea break.

We prefer F&B catering close to the training venue.


Permission is required for video recording. There may be extra charges, and if recorded, Mike Gomez is to receive the original, full-resolution digital recording copies. Mike Gomez is to approve use of video.